Cyndy Mendoza is a Makeup Artist and the owner of EMC Makeup Studio in Norwalk, California. EMC stands for “Elite Makeup by Cyndy.” Her studio, designed by Cyndy herself, offers a variety of beauty-related services, products, and classes. Born and raised in East Los Angeles, Cyndy graduated from Garfield High School and went on to study at Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles and then Cerritos College in Norwalk. Cyndy has also studied at Hollywood Faces (with veteran Makeup Artist, Elsie Daniels) where she received her certificate in Makeup Artistry. Cyndy began working in the skincare and makeup business at a young age. Cyndy explained, “I began selling Avon when I was 18. I would distribute my Avon books around my neighborhood and host small parties to sell skin care and makeup products. I used the money I made to buy my own necessities.”

“While in college,” continued Cyndy, “My parents would not allow me to have an actual job. School was the priority and my parents were afraid that, if I worked, I would get used to making money and forget all about my education. Finally, I decided to convince them that I could do both. I wanted to prove them wrong. So, by the age of 22, I got my first job at a department store working at the Estee Lauder counter. I began hustling on the sales floor for long periods of time. It was there that I discovered my passion for make-up. I discovered that I also love selling, meeting people, and being able to help assist people with their needs.” “Eventually, I knew my parents would not be happy with me if I stayed at the department store permanently; so, I decided to study Childhood Education. After college, I actually worked as a                 Pre-School Teacher for several years. I have a passion for teaching. Teaching has always been within me.”


Now that her two children are growing up (ages 11 and 7 as of 2016), Cyndy has once again made another major career change in order to accommodate her children’s needs and academic schedules. She has closed down her Childcare Development Center and opened yet another new business, this time, in the Beauty industry. Through her new business, EMC Studio, Cyndy has come full circle with her goals and dreams. She is now able to combine all of her passions into her business: makeup application, retail sales, and teaching. In addition, she still has time to be there for her children and she also has the freedom to do charity work whenever appropriate opportunities arise.

Through hard work and perseverance, Cyndy emphasizes that women can do it all; meaning, provide for one’s children as a mom, accommodate their academic schedules and duties, and run a successful business. “It’s very rewarding,” said Cyndy. “My oldest child is proof that all of my efforts to guide her, despite my busy schedule, are not in vain. My oldest child has received ‘Principals Awards’ five years in a row along with many other awards. And, she culminated her fifth grade by receiving the highest award offered by her school which is called the ‘Presidents Award.’ This was an epic moment not only for my daughter, but for me as well. We did it! We worked hard together and we earned in it. I say ‘we’ because we needed each other to accomplish such a great award. It was not easy; it was intense! We had many years of tears and frustration. I have taught my children to work hard and to persevere. I would always tell my daughter that maybe one day she would receive a ‘Presidents Award’ and many times she doubted herself. But, we never gave up! When that day finally came on June, 2016, we both cried tears of joy. As a parent, my objective is to guide my children and support them; but, most importantly, to teach them to never stop dreaming. It will always be my number one priority.”


CYNDY's Studio Waiting Room

As for her makeup studio, Cyndy said, “Having my own makeup studio allows me to express my creativity through the world of makeup and, of course, spend more time with my children in after-school activities such as dance, sports, and music classes. I also teach Makeup Artistry, meet wonderful people who will hopefully become my longtime clients, assist them in whatever way I can, and help make their events memorable. I also love inspiring young women to reach for the stars and to accomplish their goals. These are all of my passions combined. For me, this is very exciting and fulfilling.”